Kids Music group "Pearl" from Moscow, Russia will be our special guests Spring 2018

And of course we have invited back for the third year in a row, the world famous Masa Fakuda and kids. Watch for more details to come from Musicinthekids!

The kids are super excited to attend a children's music festival this fall in MOSCOW RUSSIA!

Thanks Альберт Редин (Albert) for the invitation!

We were rehearsing at the Magna Library last week (really loud) when a man with a guitar walked in and said "You guys can sing! And (looks at Steve) you can play guitar! Please come to our open mic Friday and we will put you first on the program for 15 minutes!"

The kids job is to make you laugh, cry, and leave with a happy feeling! They will make you laugh singing 'Ducks and Geese' and make you cry with 'Gone Before Noon'.


Contact info: Steve Kocherhans - 385.218.9162